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360 video Booths

How It Works: Our 360 Video Booth uses the latest technology to capture stunning 360-degree videos of your guests in action! The camera spins around the person standing in the circle, capturing every angle and ensuring no one is left out of the shot. An internet or Wi-Fi connection is required to provide smooth footage streaming. If no internet or Wi-Fi is available, alternative ways of transferring the footage to guests exist. Our 360 Video Booth is the perfect way to capture unique and memorable videos that will last a lifetime.

Cool Things to Know
  1. Every package or custom quote includes a custom overlay for your occasion, whether a baby shower or wedding. The overlay overlaps the videos to give it a one-of-a-kind look. 

  2. Our software can share individual 360 Videos with guests in under a minute via Email, QR Codes, Text messages, and airdrop for Apple users. Some options mentioned are also for Android.

  3. All Our bookings and custom quotes include the 360-video booth platform, Six Stanchions, sharing station and props fit for that occasion.

Perfect For:

Baby Showers

Birthday Parties


Corporate Events


Graduation party's

Gala Events


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